Thursday, 1 October 2009

Crossdressing is not a new phenomenon and there are references to it throughout history. In some cultures, crossdressers where considered to have a gift rather than being singled out as having a problem.

Even today, in modern movies crossdressers are portrayed as the extreme stereotypical crossdresser which has little to do with what is felt and suffered by the majority of cross dressing men.

Drag Queens
Crossdressers movies often like to portray the very theatrical drag queens, with the heavy makeup and extravagant costumes they like to wear. While they do fall into the category of cross dressers because they do obviously wear women's clothes, it is more often than not an exhibition at parades, festivals or night clubs.
Gay Cross dresser
Also very popular when reviewing crossdresser movies icons is the gay crossdresser. Usually very effeminate, they may simply like to wear makeup, or dress in a mixture of men and women's clothing. However, in reality they make up a very small percentage of cross dressers.
Sexual fetishists
Crossdressers tube sites have a host of crossdressers movies and videos that show how many crossdressers derive a sexual pleasure from partaking in sexual activities while dressed in women's clothing.

However, the vast majority, some say 90% of cross dressers, are actually heterosexual males, with no desire to change their sexual orientation. Because of the stereotyping caused by the portrayal in crossdressers videos and movies, society would immediately label them one of the above if they were to come out about their preferences.

This can lead to the suppression of their desires which in itself can cause problems for the cross dresser. The most important of which is when they want to find a partner and get married. The women that they want to be with will almost certainly have those same misconceptions about the fact that their new partner or husband might be gay, a drag queen, or sexually deviant.

It is important that cross dressers are able to talk freely about their preferences and often turn to online crossdressers tube sites that have an active community forum available. By talking to other cross dressers, they can establish that there are many others like them and get advice as to the best way to let their partners know about their secret.

If explained in the correct way, crossdressers are likely to find that their partners are far more understanding than they were expecting.